Linux Mint 13 has reached end of life

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Linux Mint 13 "Maya" has reached end of life at the end of April 2017. This release was based on Ubuntu 12.04 and was our first release with Cinnamon!Your programs will continue to work but no more updates or security fixes will be made available for them. Users of Linux Mint 13 are therefor recommended to migrate to Linux Mint 18.1 (which will be supported until April 2021) or Linux Mint 17.3 (supported until April 2019) soon. For all available supported releases and an overview of support periods see Upgrade instructions: To upgrade to a newer release of Linux Mint, backup your important personal files and do a fresh installation. You can not upgrade in place (without reinstalling) as you can do with newer releases of Linux Mint.

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15 jun 2018 às 04:56
You have to write in CCM's US version.

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